Our Mission


To be missionaries to others, by teaching classes on hydrotherapy, Simple Remedies, Vegetarian cooking and other practical lessons that are in accordance with the Bible.  To give our time and knowledge so that you can develop your own practical tools, that will enable you to be self-sustainable in a world of chaos.

Our Vision


Our Home Health Kit was developed because we wanted to give to others the tools that we found most effective in treating our own First-Aid situations.  We have used them on ourselves, our friends and family, and even on our animals.  We long to have our website give you the knowledge that you need to treat your minor problems.  Our grandmothers used to have simple remedies that worked.  We have become a society that runs to the doctor for a cold.  We need to get back to the basics, and be responsible for our own health.  

We long to give classes using youtube videos to teach these simple remedies.  We want all our viewers to have access to our Healthy Tinctures and Salves.  We want to have enough affiliates for one to gain access to a wealth of knowledge on Health.  We want to have both Health books and Religious books to supplement your library with quality reading.  Our greatest ambition in serving the Lord is, to share this knowledge, in week-end Seminars during the summer for your church or community.