Home Health Kit

Natural First Aid

Kit Contents

2 OZ Tinctures

Ultimate Yuck– supports a healthy immune system.

Anti-Septic- helps prevent  infection  of minor cuts and scrapes.

1 OZ Tinctures (10)

U.T.I.- Promotes healing  for urinary tract infection.

Ear Soother- Gentle yet powerful help for ear infection.

B & B –Used in conjunction with Ear Soother to relieve ear pressure and reduce pain.

Lobelia- Helpful for many  lung conditions and effective for spasms.

Poison Plant Relief– Soothing help for Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac.

Cayenne- top herb for increasing  circulation, check bleeding, and anti-septic in nature.

1 OZ Salves

Drawing Rebuilding- useful in pulling out foreign materials, infection and pain.

Pain Away- helpful for back, joint, and nerve pain and reduces inflammation.

Anti-Fungal- helps alleviate topical fungal infections

Pine Sap- useful in healing wounds and is helpful in jock itch.

2 OZ Salves

Super Healing- helps reduce inflammation, and pain and speed up the healing process.

4 OZ Powders

Comfrey- used for making “Burn paste.”

French Clay- promotes healing of wounds and relieves inflammation.

8 OZ Powders

Activated Charcoal-absorbs poisonous drugs, infectious bacteria and viruses.

Psyllium Husks- used to bind Charcoal making a mess-free poultice. 

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