The Waggoners

Brent Waggoner is currently residing in Bonners Ferry, Idaho with his wife and child.  His love is learning more about herbs and how to help people.  He is currently enrolled in the last part of his herbal classes by Dr. Christopher out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  He is expected to finish in 2018, at which point he will be a Certified Master Herbalist.  He is a licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Lifestyle Counselor.  After completing the Medical Missionary Training course at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital in Georgia in 1989 he went to Kibidula, Tanzania to work. In the mission field he worked with a nurse assisting in the Medical clinic there.  His heart’s desire is to serve people and to show them a better lifestyle for the recovery from disease.  In 1997 he worked in Dumagette, Philippines founding a Medical Training School.   In 1999 he married Shari and they moved back to Wildwood Health Retreat in Georgia where he worked with recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, administering treatments and giving Health Lectures. In 2000 he was asked by Wildwood to take 5 students to Nirobi, Kenya.  It was a school very similar to LIGHT.  They taught the same classes as LIGHT and ended up with more than 100 students attending at the end of the 2 month course. 

In 2002 they moved to Greensburg Kansas to take care of Shari’s father.  During this time Hannah their wonderful gift from God, came into their life.  After the death of Shari’s father they received a call to go to Eden Valley.  People from Eden Valley had called before asking them to come, but they both said, “Only if Frank Fournier called would they accept the invitation.”   The next day after they had decided they wanted something different than the farm life.  Frank called!  Shari had felt impressed to ask a certain amount for the property.  The relator said, “You will never get that for your home.”  Well, it sold for exactly that amount after the tornado, because people were desperate for a home.  An F5 tornado took the 99% of the town and their home sold very quickly.  In 2007, Brent and his wife Shari and daughter Hannah moved to Eden Valley Lifestyle Institute in the beautiful mountains of Loveland, Colorado. There they resided for the next eight years and thoroughly enjoyed it. 


During the first year Brent worked as a Lifestyle counselor.  Then the whole family went to Tanzania, Africa to help with Tanzania Foster Care Mission building the church and one home.  They returned in 2009 to work at Eden Valley.  His job was to give lectures, give hydrotherapy treatments, and teach in the 6 month training courses that they offered.  He really enjoys teaching and working with students.  His passion became herbs during his stay at Eden Valley.  He became the director of the Lifestyle Center for 1 year.  After this he assisted the Dr. in offering herbal treatments according to the Dr.’s diagnosis.  Brent and his family have given Herbal talks along with hydrotherapy demonstrations from California all the way to New York.  The family left Eden Valley to move to their own home off-grid in Idaho.

Brent felt compelled to get out of the cities.  They could not afford any property available in Idaho during their earlier search for property.  On one visit to Idaho, their friends said, “There might be property available close to us, but it is only “hear say!”  it is not on the market.”  They wrote a letter to the couple and they informed the Waggoner’s that, “Yes, it was for sale.”   They asked a lower price than what they had given for it many years ago.  It was an answer to prayer.  They started building there in 2014 and moved in 2015.  It is a most beautiful place to reside.  If you are looking for property, do not under-estimate what God has in-store for you.  Although Brent has left Eden Valley he has not left his passion to serve others.  He has developed some wonderful tinctures and salves that have been a wonderful help to many. Some of the stories are noted on our website: Purified life  Please fill free to contact him anytime for personal advice and suggestions.  

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